Social media gets a bad rap. Most people associate it with cyber bullying, pictures of food, and embarrassing selfies you took when you were 13.

I see it as a tool.

Through social media I’ve been able to connect with coaches form around the world. I’ve talked training with coaches in Australia. Learned about the coaching community in Russia, and talked to coaches in Ireland about their lockdown situation.

The best part about my social media connections are the coaches who reach out to tell me they’ve learned something from my Instagram or Twitter.

I know that sounds like I’m tooting my own horn but….

When I think to myself:
-“What are you doing?”
-“What are you and influencer? (I hate that word)”
-“Social media is lame.”

I’m reminded that there are coaches out there motivated to be better. Maybe my workouts spark creativity in another coach. Maybe me posting a video of me working out and talking about self-care motivates a coach to take better care of themselves. Lastly, maybe I’m helping the entire coaching community.

I believe coaching is the greatest profession out there.

But its hard, its hard to have a family, take care of your athletes, and still take care of yourself. But like you know, it’s an addicting job. Most of us only leave if we absolutely have to.

If you’re still reading you should publish your work. Post your workouts to instagram, Facebook, and twitter.

Leave a thoughtful comment on another coaches page.

Send a direct message to a coach you have a question for.

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