The news and sports commentators want you to get hooked on the storylines of the Olympics. And some of them are pretty good. But instead of letting the TV teach your athletes about the sport why can’t you do it?

Before you read on, I’m not knocking any Team USA athlete. I have a deep respect for every member of team USA. Making the TEAM is an amazing feat.

Let’s go on.

Example. Lydia Jacoby’s 100 breaststroke final.

Her storyline was: She is young, from Alaska, and has dropped lots of time in the past 2 years.
By comparison Lilly King. She is the queen, she talks smack, and has a large disdain for Yulia Efimova, and she never loses.

So what story did they miss? They missed the idea of swimming YOUR race. Everything with King was about somebody else. Winning, talking smack (true or not, you know how the news is), and rivalries.

Jacoby swam her race! 3rd at the 50, slower stroke rate than the women around her, but came home like a beast.

Watch these races with your athletes. Teach them lessons. Don’t let the TV speak for them. What other lessons can you teach your athletes from these Olympics?

Also… shoutout to Team USA. I love the Olympics.

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